Top Quality Apparel Affordable to Everyone

Founded in 2016, 503 Sports was inspired by some local legends; the Portland Mavericks. As a rare independent team in professional baseball, the Mavericks were known for rebelling against the corporate system that had taken over the sport. The Mavericks did things their own way and gave opportunities to those who had been overlooked. We saw similarities in the apparel industry, where the biggest brands have continued to raise prices while quality has dimished.

With our first product, we brought the Mavericks back to life in the form of a replica jersey. It became so popular that it resulted in a Mavericks throwback event where we manufactured uniforms for the Portland Pickles in 2017.

Today throwbacks and fan apparel remain a large part of our business at Royal Retros. The 503 brand turned its focus to performance apparel and we are proud to offer professional quality sports apparel both on and off the field, at a price affordable to athletes and fans alike.

2017 Portland Pickles throwback game wearing Mavericks uniforms

What Makes Us Different

Based in the Portland metro area, 503 Sports is surrounded by the biggest brands in the industry including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Columbia Sportswear. As a result 503 Sports is constantly innovating and is on the cutting edge of the latest trends and we are able to bring the newest styles and materials to our customers. Unlike our competitors however, we are a small independently owned business. Our customers are the main focus of our business and our goal is to create the highest quality apparel at an affordable price.